Every Side of Here: Searching for the Sacred

Dlectricity 2017 : Detroit’s festival of light art and technology

A project I worked on with Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo and Maxime Robillard, Every Side of Here used light, audio, and movement to evoke a spectrum of sacred experiences. Moving through the lifespan of a day, the project drew from personal routines, nature, club culture, and faith traditions. Live-projected stained glass animation and sculptural metalwork layered with electronic sound and silhouetted performers to create a saturated encounter seeking wonder in unexpected places.

The audience was invited to join us in creating a participatory mural exploring diverse ideas about “the sacred.” Performances took place in the courtyard lawn at First Congregational Church in Midtown Detroit, where audience members entered an interactive stage space through a metal and stained glass archway. Performances run for 30 minutes and recur on the half hour mark of each hour throughout the night, starting at 7:30pm.