A video by Nicole Czapinski documenting a collaborative installation with Maxime Robillard at Vermont Studio Center, July 2016.

Would it make us feel smaller or larger to see the curvature of the Earth?

Where are you when you are falling?

How can a void be filled with sound?

This is an installation incorporating sculpture and sound, from myself and Maxime Robillard, made at the Vermont Studio Center in July 2016. 

The works occurred in two studios, with two passageways between them, allowing the viewers to move in a circle between the spaces. Every object and the spaces themselves vaguely mirrored each other. Mirrors on the floor reflecting spaces, making spaces, re-presenting your potential sites. A low hum emitting from a dark void, whistling, leaping and landing. Footsteps approaching both the future and the past - the circulation of double-ended-time.